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About Us

Levels is a private Lebanese real estate company located in Aley, Mount Lebanon. Over the past 10 years Levels have designed, financed, built and sold over 20,000 square meters of properties, while offering in-house mortgage financing for up to 3 years to our customers.

The firm is headed by a team of dedicated people. While we have many interests, we share the ability to seamlessly integrate design and technology to create beautiful environments. 

The structure of our office is fully collaborative, integrating different backgrounds and technical perspectives, to offer our clients services that meet their particular needs and visions. To do this we not only rely on our unique mix of talents, we also draw from a remarkable network of architects, engineers, graphic artists, and interior designers.
Our projects includes apartments in different locations in Aley, which offer different styles to satisfy the client’s needs. 

Our top-notch professionals are able to deliver first-rate services because of their adherence to company values: integrity, expertise, commitment, customer satisfaction, partnership, and responsibility. In addition to that we offer after sale services (1 year maintenance) and customer care is our profession. 

Aley - Main street- Rayyes Mall

961 3 74 89 62
961 70 92 74 91

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